Some Photos from the March 10 ZASSC

Randy releasing Nitro Tom and Tory (Randy’s wife) in the background Friend Russ walking Nitro Peggy (Elwood’s Mom) taking on the duties as Timer recorder Enzo testing his speed Elwood […]

ASFA Lure Coursing Feb. 26, 2012

Eclipse trys to go over the back of Encore and fails Encore was OK and went on to win the course. Great coursing style Eclipse Encore

ASFA Lure Coursing Photos Feb 25 2012

Waiting for the T in Tally Ho blue Eclipse, pink Slider, yellow Swann Tally Ho A good start Eclipse and Swann pushing each other Slider gets an owey Swann showing […]

Tory Thompson Ranch Visit

Handgun Training saying hi to Denver Posing with Bocelli Playing with Elwood Smoozing with the Pickle Hill Boyz