Welcome to the Zoiboyz Ranch

Tom and I love borzois and what they represent: elegance combined with speed, power, and intelligence.

We have males primarily. We started that way by chance and continued along that same path—except for Ambassador’s daughter, Tornado, who joined the ZoiBoyz in 2005. Swann came to us thanks to Sherita and Rose Hill Windhounds in Texas. And of course, Tornado gave us our E-litter and Swann our H-litter. Tornado’s brother Perfect Storm gave Dagmar Kohl her A-litter with Turgai’s Kalypso. We are grateful to Dagmar, who gave us our girl Aliza one of Storm’s pups. In 2018, Aliza gave us our L-litter, following her mating with Susanne Cecere and Sandra Moore-Doby’s boy Zhivoy. 

Since owning our first borzoi, our passion for sighthounds has been the sighthound performance world. We got a great start in the sighthound sports by living in Germany when we got our first borzoi and being mentored by some of the finest people we have ever known.

In Germany, every aspect of racing and coursing sports is structured around training. The Germans favorite saying was “uban, uban, uban,” or practice, practice, practice. Finding opportunities to practice was not a problem. In a country not much larger than Texas, they had 45 racing and coursing tracks, every one of which could compete as a professional track here in the US.

Because of the availability of practice facilities, good friends, and mentors, we were able to take our first borzoi, Silkenswift Ambassador, to the FCI’s World Oval Racing Championship, not once but five times. During that time, Ambassador finished in the top four borzois every year, winning it in 2000. He also won the European Oval Racing Championship the same year. No other borzoi has matched this feat (appearing in five straight FCI WM and placing in each) in over 115 years of amateur racing in Germany.

While living in Europe, we added three more to the pack; Ouragan, Aramis, and Bonne Chance. Look at our “Hounds Past” section to see these wonderful hounds.

Before leaving Germany, Kennel Chabibi’s approached us and wanted to use our Silkenswift Bonne Chance with their Nubia Hegerova. Although this was a complete outcross, the types were very similar, and both were excellent athletes. We took a stud fee puppy (Kazan) and a playmate (Kiev) from that litter. So we returned to the USA with six borzois.

We have had many unforgettable experiences while living in Germany and developed some strong friendships because of the hounds. We will never forget the comradeship we felt at every coursing and racing event we took part in. We always felt like we were part of the borzoi family even though our language skills were not very good.

Back in the USA, we have been fortunate and blessed to pursue our passion for sighthound sport and borzois. We purchased a small parcel of land east of Colorado Springs, CO., dubbed it the Zoiboyz Ranch.

The first thing we did before we even finished the house remodeling was to have a fence installed that would not only keep our hounds in and provide a safe place for them to run, but we also hold nearly monthly “Fun Runs” open to all dogs. This provides a safe place for people to bring their dogs and train in sighthound sports. We also hold sanctioned Lure Coursing, Straight Racing, and Oval Racing events throughout the year for local clubs interested in using our property.

The Zoiboyz story is an ongoing adventure!

Stop by here frequently to keep up to date on our hounds and events at the “Zoiboyz Ranch.”

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