Moments after posting about 2012 on this blog we lost one of our dearest hounds. Zoiboyz Summer Jazz (Zoiboyz Nitro & DC Silkenswift Lady in Red SC) left us today for the Bridge. God decided it was time to take him and in the process gave him a gift. He gave Jazz what any borzoi would love to have if it were their last moments on earth.  
Jazz along with Challenger, Kiev, and Nitro were out in the east pasture with KC. KC was taking advantage of the beautiful day and was taking photos of the hounds. She was focusing on Jazz when a jack rabbit decided to leave its hiding place. The photos to follow are of the brilliant chase that Jazz gave. Unfortunately it was his last chase as he collapsed and died in the field afterwards.
Jazz was our first Duel Champion, thanks to Rebecca Peters Campbell, and had a character unmatched, with the exception of maybe his Dam, Carmen. Jazz bonded with me (Tom) the first time he laid eyes on me and I knew he would be mine, always. He will always have a special place in our heart. Join your Grandfather, Ambassador beautiful red boy and run with him until I join you one day.
KC & I will miss this beautiful red boy. He has taken a piece of our hearts.