Aliza whelped seven beautiful little pups – 2 boys and 5 girls- on 29 July 2020. They all found wonderful homes, the last pups leaving in early December 2020. Zoiboyz Nicky stayed here at the Zoiboyz. Meredith Mapes of Alaska took Zoiboyz Neal White Collar Criminal FunOnTheRun to be her first ever borzoi. Two pups went to New Mexico. Denise Ross claimed Zoiboyz Neeva and Alex Rougeux owns Nevada Fire. Sherita Tabner brought Zoiboyz Nimbus Rosehill to Texas. Linda Pocurull, who helped Aliza and me during whelping, owns Zoiboyz Ndora. Zoiboyz Nirvana’s new mom is Imogene Durand of Washington state. As we collect photos of the pups we’ll post here. First up is Nicky.

Zoiboyz Nicky