Each month I submit information pertaining to upcoming performance events that may be of interest to RMBC members. The information contains a lot of acronyms. What do they all mean? This will attempt to answer that for you.

First the format of the performance report:
Bold lettering is the type of performance event. Then in parenthesis the (website for further information)
The month is in italics.
Regular font is: Day(s) – Club, Location of the event

  • ASFA Lure Coursing (www.asfa.org)
  • May
  • 7 & 8 – CLCA, Falcon, CO

Now the acronyms:

Organizations & Titles:

AKC – American Kennel Club (Lure Coursing)
JC – Junior Courser
SC – Senior Courser
MC – Master Courser
LCX – Lure Courser Excellent
ASFA – American Sighthound Field Association (Lure Coursing)
FCH – Field Champion
LCM – Lure Courser of Merit
LGRA – Large Gazehound Racing Association (Straight Racing)
GRC – Gazehound Racing Champion
SGRC – Superior Gazehound Racing Champion
NOTRA – National Oval Track Racing Association (Oval Racing)
ORC – Oval Racing Champion
SORC – Supreme Oval Racing Champion
OFC – Open Field Coursing (Live Hunts)
NOFCA – National Open Field Coursing Association
CC – Coursing Champion
CM – Courser of Merit
TCC – The Coursing Conservancy
CMC – Coursing Mixed Champion
CBC – Coursing Breed Champion
NACA – North American Coursing Association

Clubs that hold all breed events, most likely to be seen in the Borzoi Banter:

AWFA – Albuquerque Whippet Fanciers Association, New Mexico
BCOA – Borzoi Club of America
CLCA – Colorado Lure Coursing Association, Colorado
CRRC – Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, Colorado
ESCA – Eastern Slope Coursing Association, New Mexico
GIT – Gazehounds in Texas, Texas
LSWC – Lone Star Whippet Club, Texas
RMBC – Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club, Colorado
RMCC – Rocky Mountain Coursing Club, Wyoming
RMIWA – Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association, Colorado
RTG – Rapid Transit Greyhounds, Oklahoma
RWRG – Reata Whippet Racing Group, Utah
SLASH – Saint Louis Area Sighthounds, Missouri
USRCC – Utah Sighthound Racing & Coursing Club, Utah
WGRA – WindyGlen Racing Association, Oklahoma