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May 11, 2008     AKC Lure Coursing—ZoiBoyz Ranch, CO

13 Opens and 2 Specials

June 21, 2008        CLCA LGRA           ZoiBoyz Ranch

11 entered

 High Point Race         Left to right

Comet, Challenger, Charger, Nitro

1st Comet—4 GRC 4 NRC                        4th Py

2nd Charger— 2 NRC                               5th Nitro

3rd Challenger—2 GRC 1 NRC


June 22, 2008        CLCA LGRA           ZoiBoyz Ranch

10 entered

High Point Race                      Left to right

Tornado, Charger, Ren, Comet

1st Comet—3NRC                                  5th Ren—2 GRC

2nd Charger—1.5 NRC                       6th Halis—.5 GRC

3rd Tornado—.25 NRC                      7th Allie—.5 GRC

4th Py—.25 NRC


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